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We are the first Trout Unlimited chapter in Colorado. Our membership is over 1,500 strong who are dedicated to conserving coldwater fisheries in Colorado. We would love to see you at our next event.

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The Cutthroat Chapter In Action


Join CCTU and other local volunteers on June 20th to enhance the South Platte River Project. This has been a major restoration project sponsored by South Suburban Parks and Recreation.


Gil Trail Repair– Leader: Jim Long. We need many able-bodied volunteers for this project. Saturday, May 30th Friday, June 19th Friday, July 24th Friday July 31st   South Platte Park

hands tying flies

To help you recover from your holiday hangover, the fishing shows are coming to town. Thankfully, the shows have been scheduled this year such that you can attend both! The


December’s meeting is the annual White Elephant gift exchange.  In the spirit of giving, the fly raffle will be giving away its stock of “for sale” items, mismatched flies, and


Date: October 11th, 2014 Time: 10:00 AM- 2:00 PM Location: 1101 Town Center Dr. Highlands Ranch, CO Cutthroat Members- H20 Car Wash (a major supporter of Trout Unlimited) is hosting

Lots of trash along the Stream.

This year, our Stream Clean Up effort will be part of the Clear Creek Watershed Festival held at Courtney- Riely -Cooper Park in Idaho Springs. We are teamed with volunteers


August Dates (TBD) >>>>>>DOW Fish Tagging Middle Fork South Platt August 23 >>>>>>>>>>CUSP Mine Reclamation, Treasure Mine above Alma USFS/NEPA Approval Promised and in Progress 99% a Go! September 6


2014 Cutthroat Chapter Trout Unlimited Conservation Projects Note:  June 21st. and August 23 Projects Switched! June 21st: Riparian Improvement, Happy Meadows July 12: CUSP Deckers South Platte Clean Up August Dates (TBD): DOW Fish

Upcoming Events

Fly Raffle

This month’s fly raffle include a dozen flies from Loney Peralta, Rick Webb, Brian Kuchynka, Bob Getz, and Richard Pilatzke.  One of these sets of flies will make your day into a success.  Thanks to all who have contributed to the raffle.  If you are tying now, think about donating a dozen of your best ties to the raffle.

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Event Locations

The Board of Directors meets the first Tuesday of every month at The Shack in Littleton

Our monthly Chapter meeting is held on the third Tuesday of every month at 7899 S Lincoln Ct