Fly Box and Fly Raffle


Jerry Shin our Monthly Raffle Volunteer Coordinator has been really busy putting together a collection of amazing flies to raffle off every month. These flies are true works of art tied by some the best tiers in the business. The only thing needed to bring home a few of these beauties is some luck and buck or two for the monthly raffle. All proceeds go to the chapter. How can you pass up a shot at some of these flies? You can’t…

Just Check out our FLY BOX page by clicking here to learn more and see who is featured this month.

The other great thing about these flies is we get to document the patterns for or Chapter Members. That means you just need to go to The Fly Box to see what flies are coming up for Auction and get the patterns to tie up a few of your own. Now that’s pretty nice and just another way the Chapter is giving back to it’s members.